Group description: The Computational Genomics group (, led by ICREA professor Toni Gabaldón, is jointly affiliated to the Barcelona Computing Centre ( and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine ( and performs multidisciplinary research in the fields of genome evolution, phylogenomics, and microbiology.

Job descriptions: The group is looking for highly motivated postdoctoral and doctoral (PhD candidate) researchers to work together on a phylogenomics project on early evolution of eukaryotes. The project entails a large-scale phylogenomic approach coupled to supercomputing to dissect the origin and phylogenetic divergence of protein families inferred to be present in the ancestors of eukaryotes. This will be used to reconstruct characteristics of the ancestors and the first eukaryotes, assess the impact of non-vertical evolutionary processes and resolve the branching and temporal patterns of early eukaryotic diversification.

The candidates will be responsible of carrying the phylogenomics analysis and interpretations involved in the project. Good command of a programming language such as python and of phylogenetics and comparative genomics tools is valued for the PhD candidate, and necessary for the postdoctoral candidate. The successful candidate(s) will join a dynamic research group within the Life Sciences department. The researcher will work in a sophisticated HPC environment and will have access to systems and computational infrastructures.

Qualifications. PhD candidate: Master in Biology, Bioinformatics, Computer Sciences or equivalent. Programming skills in python, R, or similar. Spoken and written English. Knowledge of phylogenetic and comparative genomic software will be a plus. Postdoctoral candidate: PhD in Biology, computer sciences or similar. Good programming skills in python, R or similar., and knowledge of phylogenetics and comparative genomics tools. Spoken and written English.

Start date. Open

Contact. Please send a CV and a cover letter to Toni Gabaldón (toni.gabaldon (at)