Meet our team

Current members

Toni Gabaldón, Principal Investigator

ICREA Research professor, group leader at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), and the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), and associate professor at the UPF. He leads the comparative genomics groups. His main research interests are in the fields of genomics and evolution with significant contributions to the understanding of how genes, pathways, biological organisms and communities evolve and perform their functions.

Ester Saus, Research Assistant

My research is based on implementing new high-throughput sequencing strategies, specially in the transcriptomics field, to characterize fungal pathogens species, elucidate the secondary structure of RNAs, and to study the evolution of lncRNAs across related species.

Ewa Ksiezopolska, Predoctoral Researcher

Interested in the evolution of antifungal resistance.

Hrant Hovhannisyan, Predoctoral Researcher

The main goal of my PhD project is to shed light on host-pathogen interactions between humans and different Candida species and investigate mechanisms of pathogenicity emergence in hybrid yeasts using methods of comparative transcriptomics.

Jesse Willis, Predoctoral Researcher

I am working on a few projects which primarily involve metagenomics, prediction of the secondary structure of long non-coding RNAs, and analyses of next generation sequencing data.

Marina Marcet-Houben, Research Engineer

I use phylogenomics and comparative genomics tools in order to study how different organisms have evolved. I am specially interested in fungal species and have worked on topics related to horizontal gene transfer, whole genome duplication and hybridization.

Uciel Chorostecki, Postdoctoral Researcher

Interested in evolution of lncRNAs. My research is focused in the study of lncRNAs structures from different species.


Bioinformatician using genomics to tackle biomedical challenges, such as the emergence of drug resistance in microbes.


Biotechnologist with expertise in Bioinformatics and passionate of scientific diffusion. Currenlty working in the development and implementation of computational tools for metagenomics in a diagnostic context. Highly interested in Genomics and Biomedical research in general.

Valentina del Olmo, Postdoctoral Researcher

Trained in genetics and the study of transcription regulatory networks in fungal pathogens. I am now interested in studying the genome of fungal hybrids through comparative genomics from an evolutionary perspective.

Diego's Photo

Diego Fuentes, Bioinformatician

I am a geneticist with a bioinformatic background (Python, Shell and R). I am interested into machine learning, big data analysis, database management, NGS pipelines and statistical analysis.

Anna Vlasova, Bioinformatician

Research bioinformatician, interested in data integration, high throughput analysis, and method development that facilitate understanding of biological data.

Guifré Torruella, Postdoctoral researcher

As an evolutionary protistologist, my goal is to improve our knowledge on the origin & early eukaryote evolution, from its last common ancestor to our current biodiversity. My research involves sampling and culturing protists, sequencing and analysing their transcriptomes and genomes to tackle phylogenetic and comparative genomics questions.

Giacomo Mutti, Master Student

Bioinformatics master student with background in biology. I’m mainly interested in evolutionary biology and I am keen on using different programming resources and statistics to unravel genome evolution and phylogenomics questions.

Ismael Collado Cala, Student

Student of Web Applications Development – BioInformatics (CFGS). Currently graduated in Multiplatform application development. Highly interested in Big Data and Data Analysis.

Maria Artigues, Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate student in Human Biology. Currently interested in pursuing a career in Bioinformatics.

Juan Carlos Núñez Rodríguez, Predoctoral Researcher

My interests are focused on studying which traits determine the most important phenotypic changes in Candida spp. Such as pathogenicity, adherence, stress response or studying the processes of acquiring resistance to antifungal drugs.

Ana Álvarez, Master Student

Biologist with expertise in Microbiology and Bioinformatics, currently working on the study of the human microbiome in health and disease. Highly interested in the use and development of methods to approach comparative genomics in microorganisms.

Andrés Garisoain Zafra, Student

Future scientist and bioinformatician. Passionate about science and technology with the purpose of doing a PhD.

Mercedes Castro, Undergraduate student

Undergraduate computer science student with strong interests in biology. My research involves prediction of secondary structures of long non-coding RNAs with the aim of studying evolution.

Ortansa Raluca Ghita, Undergraduate student

Student of Medical Engineering-Politehnica University Bucharest. I’m interested in Biomedical research, especially the influence of microbiome in different disease.

Ömer Ege Kara, Undergraduate student

I am Ömer Ege Kara, an undergraduate student studying Computer Engineering and Mathematics and I am interested in Applied Mathematics. In the Comparative Genomics group, I am working on the analysis of microbiome data using Machine Learning methods.

Madison Snyder, Undergraduate student

Swarthmore College Biology graduate interested in genetics and human health research. Currently interested in studying biomarkers for colorectal cancer

Matteo Schiavinato, Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher with a strong interest for the evolution
of hybrid genomes. I am specifically interested in the crosstalk
between the two subgenomes of a hybrid, and in finding new ways to
analyse them.

Saptashwa Datta, Masters student

I am an experimental biologist by training who also wants to dabble a little in the
engineering and computational side of things. Currently my research over here is
focused on the oral microbiome, transcriptomics and comparative genomics
of fungi. I am interested in working in the intersection of biology, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and computational biology.

Martina Cardinali, Bioinformatician

I am a Bioinformatician with a great interest in genomics, NGS data analysis, and biomedical research. My current research focuses on studying the human microbiome in health and disease in order to identify condition-specific patterns.

Past members

Cinta Pegueroles, Research Engineer

Period: 2014-2020

Irene Julca, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2015-2019

Laia Carreté, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2014-2019

Miguel Naranjo-Ortiz, Predoctoral Researcher

Period: 2015-2019

Pedro González

Rosa Fernández, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2017-2020

Susana Iraola Guzmán, Research Assistant

Period: 2016-2020

Verónica Mixão, Predoctoral Researcher

Period: 2018-2020

Manu Molina, Research Engineer

Period: 2018

Leszek Pryszcz, PhD student

Period: 2017

Elizabeth Gabriela Aguileta Estrada, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2013

Damien De Vienne, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2013

Filipe Garrett Vieira, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2010

Jaime Huerta Cepas, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2013

Antonios Alexandros Pittis, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2017

Ernst Thuer, Predoctoral Researcher

Period: 2017

Salvador Jesus Capella Gutierrez, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2015

Luis Adolfo Bejarano Ardura, Research Assistant

Period: 2017

Maxime Borry, Research Assistant

Period: 2016

Javier Díez Pérez, Research Assistant

Period: 2010

Diego Javier Kormes, Research Assistant

Period: 2010

José Luis Rodríguez Alés, Research Assistant

Period: 2014

Fran Supek, Postdoctoral Researcher

Period: 2016

Elena Cabello Yeves, Master Student

Period: 2019-2020

Geovanny Risco, Undergraduate Student

Period: 2020-2021

Joel Moro, Master Student

Period: 2020

Jerónimo Parra Parra, Master Student

Period: 2020

Past visitors

Matteo Schiavinato

Period: 2018

Enric Méndez Rabella, Student

Period: 2019

Marta Álvarez Presas, UB

Period: 2018

Marcello Benevelli

Period: 2018

Alberto Martín Dávila

Period: 2011

Vladyslav Dembrovskyi

Period: 2018

Ivan Denisov

Period: 2012

Víctor Fernández Rodríguez

Period: 2017

Radina Georgieva

Period: 2015

Alicia Daniela Gómez

Period: 2018

Ahmed Ibrahem Hafez Khafaga

Period: 2017

Silvia Hinojosa Alvarez

Period: 2013

Lee Jun Hoe

Period: 2009

Katarína Juríková

Period: 2013

Zhihao Ling

Period: 2011

Larissa Lopes Silva

Period: 2010

Alexander Macdonald

Period: 2012

John McCutcheon

Period: 2018

Hrvoje Misetic

Period: 2018

Hirzahida Mohd Padil

Period: 2012

Ollivier Morgane

Period: 2009

Luba Pardo Cortes

Period: 2008

Antonio Pérez Hansen

Period: 2017

Francisco Pisciottano

Period: 2018

Teresa Puig Pijuan

Period: 2013

Antonio José Rodríguez Sánchez

Period: 2018

Joseph Spatafora

Period: 2016

Brian Steven Alejandro

Period: 2014

Denis Tagu

Period: 2018

Isabel Valdearenas Pelegrina

Period: 2018

Erica Valentini

Period: 2010

Jolien van Hooff

Period: 2018

Jue Wang

Period: 2013