Group leader: Toni Gabaldón

Gabaldon’s group is jointly affiliated to the Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), at Barcelona (Spain) . The main research interest of our group is to understand the complex relationships between genome sequences and phenotypes and how these two features evolve within and across species. We generally use large-scale phylogenetics and molecular evolution approaches that allow looking at the evolution of genomes from the perspective of all of their genes, and we apply these analyses to a variety of biological questions related the evolution and function of biological systems, ranging from individual molecules to entire biological communities.


ESEB 2025: Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology

 ESEB 2025 Congress Website & Pre-Registration Now Open !! Join us at the CCIB from August 17 to 22, 2025, for a congress that promises to be a landmark in the field of evolutionary biology. This event, hosted by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (#ESEB) and proudly organized by the Spanish Society for Evolutionary Biology (#SESBE),…

Our Caixa Research project on evolutionary emergence of antifungal resistance is highlighted in this blog entry on fungi and their relevance for health

At the article they interviewd our Group leader, Toni Gabaldon as leader of a CaixaResearch project aimed at discovering new drugs against candidiasis.One of the challenges for antifungal treatments is the emergence of resistant strains.The research group seeks to decipher which mutations favor the resistance of the ‘Candida’ fungus. Read the article at Caixa Research…