Group leader: Toni Gabaldón

Gabaldon’s group is jointly affiliated to the Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), at Barcelona (Spain) . The main research interest of our group is to understand the complex relationships between genome sequences and phenotypes and how these two features evolve within and across species. We generally use large-scale phylogenetics and molecular evolution approaches that allow looking at the evolution of genomes from the perspective of all of their genes, and we apply these analyses to a variety of biological questions related the evolution and function of biological systems, ranging from individual molecules to entire biological communities.


Toni Gabaldón elected EMBO member

Dr. Toni Gabaldón, has been elected to become an EMBO member. This year, 64 leading life scientists have been appointed new EMBO Members and Associate Members, joining a community of more than 1,800 leading life scientists. “It’s an honour to be welcomed into this organisation, with such outstanding peers. I understand being an EMBO member…


Toni Gabaldón has been featured in an interview for IRB website, read it here.

The beast in yeast

We are happy to present a short animation video produced from ideas by Early Stage Researchers in OPATHY International Training Network.

Open day at Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

On October 7th, PRBB open its doors to let the public find out more about the research that takes place in the center. Close to2000 people visited the 20 labs that were open. Our group participates actively during the day and the different activities. Duringthe journey we presented our different labs (wet-lab and dry-lab), and…

Toni Gabaldon receives the 2017 Margaret Dayhoff Mid-Career Award

The Margaret Dayhoff Mid-Career Award is an annually recognition to outstanding members of the Society for Molecular Biologyand Evolution (SMBE) who are in the midst of their research careers. The primary criterion is a record of truly outstandingresearch that has contributed broadly to the field of Molecular Biology and Evolution. Toni Gabaldón received the prize…

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